Posted by Ma District 16 Little League on Mar 31 2019 at 05:00PM PDT


Attention all Presidents and League Safety Officers, just a reminder, all local league Safety Programs should be submitted and approved by April 1st to meet the DA incentive and no Later than April 16 for the basic requirement of reduction in your leagues insurance.

Leagues can start submitting their safety plans as early as Jan 1st 2021.

Remember, you must include your registration data OR your rosters with your ASAP plan. Registration data OR rosters must be submitted thru the Data Center and this should be noted in your ASAP plan.

The 2010 Little League Congress voted to make it mandatory to be ASAP approved in order to host tournaments above the district level. In 2020 Little League made in mandatory to host district games as well. District 16 is making it mandatory for Special Games requests and to host District tournament games.


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